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Still Lazy After All These Years

Thursday, 04/10/2008
1:08 AM CDT
If you were’t paying attention (and why would you be?), you probably didn't notice that !

What? You actually thought I was going to become some sort of power-blogger? That I’d be putting up new entries every other day? You sucker.

Seriously, though, I have been more than lax about this site, and for a few reasons (none of them particularly good, mind you; certainly not good enough for such an extended absentia). I'll try to get into them over the next few days/weeks (& posts).

One of the biggest problems I’m having stems from the fact that I need to generate all this by hand every time I throw up a new post. Granted, this was at least in part by design, and I saw it coming. But it’s still a bit more procedure than would encourage regular posting in spare time (TV and Wii is just so much more desireable).

However, I've been playing around with a few things, and I think I've stumbled across just enough to start looking to “roll my own” blog engine. One that would be at least robust enough to do what I want to do on this humble little site.

So while you should never hold your breath for anything I say will happen (What do I look like, a guy who’s not lazy?)s, look forward to an increase in activity (at least once a month, as opposed to twice a year), and beware the possibility of an increase in geeky—techy talk here and there. Hey, I’ll be wanting to show off, whether you care or not.

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Of Actual Interest

Who is this frood?

John Arthur in shot with Mt. Rushmore in the background. John is holding his index finger up to make it look as though he has stuck it in the nose of George Washington's bust.

The Yarthur Files is run by John Arthur. John's just this guy living in St. Paul, Minnesota. He painfully tries to eek out a living by pretending he can make Web sites, and collecting spare change from other people's couch cushions. While as of yet he's been too pathetic to work up a proper bio, you can learn a bit about him at his on-line portfolio site, not that you'd be interested in that sort of thing.

What about his hoopy site?

The Yarthur Files is John's foray into becoming the public celebrity no one really wants him to be. He thinks it will help him learn more about Web design, writing, himself, and life in general. In the end, the populace will most likely determine that it was simply another site they accidentally stumbled upon while trying to research entertaining kitchen experiments.

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