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Wednesday, 04/09/2008
12:47 AM CDT
choosing to bare it all on CSS Naked Day 2008!

That’s right! Today is CSS Naked Day! You could consider it to be something like a “Web Sites Gone Wild” party, or perhaps something akin to Internet Cosplay. Neither thought is very appealing.

Started in 2006, CSS Naked Day was meant to be a fun way to showcase a great new way to make Web sites by seperating the content (what you see here) from the style (what you don't see here). There are a lot of reasons why this is a great way to make a Web site, but I won't get into that here. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, search for “CSS” and/or “Web Standards”, and visit The CSS Zen Garden. That should get you started.

For those who aren’t interested enough to do the leg work, here’s the skinniest of skinnies. By separating style from the content (the layout/colors from the words), the style is easier to tweak/fix/completely change, while the content is leaner and more search-engine friendly. CSS Naked Day promotes these concepts by encouraging you to show off your site without styles. Not only can you “brag” about how awesome your content is structured, you are also forced to examine just how awesome your content is structured. And by participating, you show that you are one of the many who believe in the good that Web Standards can do.

I Hope You Know This Will Go Down On Your Permanent Record

Of course, this page will forever be naked. That's the dangers of keeping static archives. Just like accidentaly letting “embarrassing” or “compromising” pictures of yourself leak into the public record, this moment of shame will never permanently leave. My apologies for anyone I”ve scarred.

Before The Other Arthur
After Still Lazy After All These Years

Of Actual Interest

Who is this frood?

John Arthur in shot with Mt. Rushmore in the background. John is holding his index finger up to make it look as though he has stuck it in the nose of George Washington's bust.

The Yarthur Files is run by John Arthur. John's just this guy living in St. Paul, Minnesota. He painfully tries to eek out a living by pretending he can make Web sites, and collecting spare change from other people's couch cushions. While as of yet he's been too pathetic to work up a proper bio, you can learn a bit about him at his on-line portfolio site, not that you'd be interested in that sort of thing.

What about his hoopy site?

The Yarthur Files is John's foray into becoming the public celebrity no one really wants him to be. He thinks it will help him learn more about Web design, writing, himself, and life in general. In the end, the populace will most likely determine that it was simply another site they accidentally stumbled upon while trying to research entertaining kitchen experiments.

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