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Friday, September 14
4:17 PM CDT
In a previous entry, I touched on the stress level our cat must be experiencing. I now realize I was quite rude, as I had never introduced him to you. Please take a moment to meet , Katamari.

He was born on April 15, 2006. As ominous as a tax-day birthday may be, it is easy to remember, and I have a hard enough time remembering my parents’ birthdays.

His name, Katamari, comes from Katamari Damacy, a delightful little video game straight from Japan. I know, sounds stupid (and that’s part of the point), but let me explain. In the game, you push around a ball. Cats love pushing around balls, crumpled up bits of paper, coins, whatever. We can call him “Kat” for short, and it makes sense. Finally, if you’ve heard the theme song to the game, you know why our cat has the greatest theme music ever! Does your cat have a soundtrack? I didn’t think so.

Katamari lays on the table, clearly demanding attention, while Ann tries to read a book.

He’s a goofy little boy. He travels well, though lately he doesn’t like to go for car rides much because it has meant we’re dropping him off for the weekend (poor kid). He has no problems going straight up to a strange cat for a bit of a sniff, or to play. He drinks out of the tub, but only when we drop water at one end so it travels to the other (he will play with it first). And he loves to burrow into mother’s hair.

We have been feeling really guilty lately, as we’ve been really busy as of late, and he’s not been getting the attention he wants. He’s kind of a lonely boy, I’m afraid. But that will soon change. *cough cough - foreshadowing - cough*

When we first got the boy, we realized we needed a good way to document him. Within a couple weeks, we used the refunds we received from Uncle Sam, and purchased a video camera. While we have quite a bit of footage, I’ve only ever edited this little bit from when he was still a little guy. I’ll make sure to try and do more later, and they’ll certainly be put up here when they’re done.

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