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¡Bienvenido a Miami!

Saturday, August 25
10:34 AM CT
were privileged enough to take a nice trip to Florida, to see two good friends get married, and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing time throughout.
Ann was told she needed to have a drink with an umbrella in it. We had to improvise a bit.

After a thrilling trip to Western Nebraska, we come home, work for two days, and then dump the cat again to go to Miami for a wedding. The poor cat. I’m surprised he hasn’t shredded my face in my sleep yet, as he’s got to be pretty annoyed by our transient lifestyle by now.

We spent an incredibly relaxing weekend in Key Biscayne, poshing it up and feeling horribly out of water at the Ritz Carlton. Swimming in the ocean (as well as some phenomenal pools), tequila tasting, and the toilet phone(!) all made for a great time. And the weather? Hot, muggy, delicious. Not much unlike Eastern Nebraska this time of year.

Oh, and yes, a toilet phone. The bathroom was huge, with the toilet having its own door, and oddly enough, a phone. Naturally, this instantly became the phone I would use to check up on what our friends were doing. It was great.

The ceremony itself was gorgeous. We were two of only nineteen people (including bride and groom), so everything was very personal and intimate (in the best of ways). The ceremony was held at St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church, which was an ancient Spanish monastery that was “imported” in 1925. After the morning ceremony, we had brunch, and then an entire afternoon to kill. The wife and decided to nap it away. Then, everyone was treated to a delightful dinner and some wonderful cakes. All in all, it was a lovely time.

The mission where the ceremony was held.

Sunday, the wife and I went into Miami. We only had our room at the Ritz until Sunday, and we hadn’t really figured out what to do after that, so we decided to go simple: rent a car, find a room near the airport, and take it easy until our flight on Monday. To make the car rental pan out a bit better for us, we decided to visit Vizcaya, a lovely estate house in Coconut Grove.

Of course, this is all mentioned two weeks after the fact. The sunburn I adopted has all but peeled away, and life has returned to its more hectic and less latin-y ways. But it was worth mentioning, especially when you want to show off pictures.

And now for something completely different.

On another note, the Contact page has been created. In this slowly developing site, comments are a feature I wish to add, but in the meantime, if you have anything to say about a specific post, e-mail me. I’ll do my best to reply, and if we get into a really interesting discussion, it’ll get posted for all your friends to ignore!

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