Still Lazy After All These Years

Thursday, April 10

If you were’t paying attention (and why would you be?), you probably didn't notice that it's been nearly seven months since updating this site.

Streaking Across The Web

Wednesday, April 9

I’m choosing to bare it all on CSS Naked Day 2008!

The Other Arthur

Friday, September 14

In a previous entry, I touched on the stress level our cat must be experiencing. I know realize I was quite rude, as I had never introduced him to you. Please take a moment to meet our “son”, Katamari.


Thursday, September 13

Reflections on day no more significant than any other.

One Month Check-Up

Thursday, September 6

The “new” site has been up for a month. Here’s what’s happenin’.

¡Bienvenido a Miami!

Saturday, August 25

We were privileged enough to take a nice trip to Florida, to see two good friends get married, and enjoy a thoroughly relaxing time throughout.

Go West, Young Man!

Monday, August 6

After visiting a small town in western Nebraska, I started thinking about how smaller towns approach growth and development, and how that can affect their personality and identity.

Hello World (Again)!

Sunday, August 5

The Site is launched, with this article sitting as its only real content. Hey, I needed something, right?