Still Lazy After All These Years

Thursday, 04/10/2008
1:08 AM CDT
If you were’t paying attention (and why would you be?), you probably didn't notice that !

What? You actually thought I was going to become some sort of power-blogger? That I’d be putting up new entries every other day? You sucker.

Seriously, though, I have been more than lax about this site, and for a few reasons (none of them particularly good, mind you; certainly not good enough for such an extended absentia). I'll try to get into them over the next few days/weeks (& posts).

One of the biggest problems I’m having stems from the fact that I need to generate all this by hand every time I throw up a new post. Granted, this was at least in part by design, and I saw it coming. But it’s still a bit more procedure than would encourage regular posting in spare time (TV and Wii is just so much more desireable).

However, I've been playing around with a few things, and I think I've stumbled across just enough to start looking to “roll my own” blog engine. One that would be at least robust enough to do what I want to do on this humble little site.

So while you should never hold your breath for anything I say will happen (What do I look like, a guy who’s not lazy?)s, look forward to an increase in activity (at least once a month, as opposed to twice a year), and beware the possibility of an increase in geeky—techy talk here and there. Hey, I’ll be wanting to show off, whether you care or not.